BRITISH COUNCIL: “Idiomas de cara al futuro”

Dicen en el British Council que:

CaptureIt is a widely held – if not undisputed – view that the UK is lacking in the necessary language skills for the future, partly because of the status of English as the language of internationalcommunications.

This report seeks to provide a strategic analysis of the UK’s long-term language needs, looking at a variety of economic, geopolitical, cultural and educational indicators and scoring different languages against these. It identifies a list of ten languages which will be of crucial importance for the UK’s prosperity, security and influence in the world in the years ahead.

The indicators used are:

  1. current UK export trade
  2. the language needs of UK business
  3. UK government trade priorities
  4. emerging high growth markets
  5. diplomatic and security priorities
  6. the public’s language interests
  7. outward visitor destinations
  8. UK government’s International Education Strategy priorities
  9. levels of English proficiency in other countries
  10. the prevalence of different languages on the internet.

From the analysis of languages against these indicators – and it is worth remembering that they include cultural and educational priorities as well as economic ones – comes a list of the ten most important languages for the UK’s future; in order:



Más claro imposible, a ver si los noruegos empiezan a tener una política lingüística tan clara como los británicos.

JMi 😉

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